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Kaoprise makes organic soaps and massage oils based on traditional Mon recipes. The products are made from plant-based ingredients such as lemongrass.


Why Buy ?

- Enable Mon's woman refugees to provide for their families
- Funds also support a shelter for 25 women and children
- Women attend Tanma leadership and self-empowerment training
- Support the making of traditional Mon soaps and massage oil
- A Fair Trade Practice, Empowering Women

Kaoprise Bath & Spa makes products from natural ingredients only. The women get fair wages to support their families, 50% of the sales go to the women.

The profits from sales funds an empowerment centre for 35 women weekly, with skills training classes, a shelter for 25 women and children, and financial support for healthcare.

Responsible Commitment

Tanma Federation guarantees that the women receive the fair price, they care on the products and take care on their communities. The model is based on empowerment the communities, to take care on themselves.

Fair Trade is not product, is not brand, is a story and breaks the contradiction of making more money in paying the workers less. Through this website, women target to explain to you how from their struggles they empower themselves, they improve their livelihoods, they rebuild their shattered lives.

When you buy the product, you have the opportunities to support a good cause.


06/07/2015, 11:25 AM
A good deed to help those women. Thumbs up!
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