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Taking care of your house home requires hiring professionals such as plumbers, electricians, and pest control professionals.


Eco Pest Sdn Bhd offers General Pest Control Services (GPC) for the control and elimination of pest such as

bugs etc

to Corporate, Commercial and Residential Clients which include corporate offices, business premises, shop-houses, restaurants, cafes, bakery, discothèques, pubs, cinemas, shopping complexes, hospitals, hotels, condominiums & residential houses.

We apply the latest & most effective techniques including spraying of approved chemicals, traps/trays, glue-boards & monitoring stations, application of gel-baits, drilling & chemical injection and other form of baiting systems. These choice products poses minimal risk to our Clients & their customers and special care and attention are taken to minimize any possible adverse impact to the environment. These value-added Premium Quality pest control services which comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is offered by No Other Pest Control Company.

Responsible Commitment

Eco Pest Sdn Bhd represents the collective resources of over 20 qualified and experienced pest control operators who are committed to offer their extensive knowledge and experience (ranging between 5 to 20 years experience in this industry) in order to deliver excellence in pest control product and services.

Eco Pest Sdn. Bhd. members synergize and complement each other through sharing of resources, knowledge & experience which enable the Konsortium to offer unlimited resources to undertake large or small projects at the most competitive rates. In assuring the delivery of Quality Services to our Clients, all our products and services come with either up to a FIVE (5) Years Warranty or a 30-Days Money Back Guarantee.

The Eco Pest itself is a licensed Pest Control Operator under the Pesticide Act 1974 Rev 2004 & Pesticide (PCO) Guidelines 2004 and registered with the Ministry of Finance Malaysia & other relevant Authorities.


14/07/2015, 02:17 PM
A green way for getting rid of pests, a big YES from me...
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