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Lush, beautiful and easy to maintain indoor or outdoor vertical garden!


Creating a lush, beautiful and easy to maintain indoor or outdoor vertical garden has become much easier with our Green Wall and facade solutions based on proven Atlantis Gro-Wall® technology. The simple and strong design of our solutions makes it the perfect choice for landscapers, architects and green enthusiasts.

The Gro-Wall® System is designed by Atlantis Corporation in Australia. It is the perfect system for designers creating vertical landscapes and for green enthusiasts creating a beautiful vertical garden at home. The Systems are versatile in use and help minimise maintenance with their integrated individual dripping irrigation design.

The Gro-Wall-Pro® system is a versatile living wall system designed to construct amazing living walls like double sided green walls, cascading green walls or green walls requiring intensive soil depth. The system is a self-contained structure, reinforced with steel. The channel conduits provide space to house the irrigation system.

Responsible Commitment

The Gro-Wall® solution provides easy access to individual plants and irrigation components. This enables you to change the design of your wall whenever you want and maximize water efficiency. We offer a variety of green and feature wall systems.

Our Gro-Wall facades are easy to install and easily integrate with existing buildings, or new landscape and architectural designs. The material has a very strong and durable design, resulting in a beautiful vertical garden.

Green Wall Benefits
- Air quality improving
- Water efficient irrigation
- Sound and heat reducing
- Made from recycled materials
- Pleasing to look at
- Modular System


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