Thermo Tent

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The world’s very first properly (thermally & acoustically) insulated tent


Thermo Tent is the world’s very first properly (thermally & acoustically) insulated tent. We have helped to reduce or even to eradicate the spikes in temperature that occur in normal tents.

Our ground breaking patent protected insulation technology helps to muffle the noise transfer in & out of the tent. No more freezing nights and unbearably hot mornings. Reduced noise levels from busy campsites.

Our tents are scheduled to be used everywhere from Base Camp on Everest to the depths of the African jungle in 2015 so you can be sure that the experts have literally given us their stamp of approval.

Responsible Commitment

The recent refugee crisis in Europe has displaced thousands of people and have forced them to live on without proper shelter.

Thermo Tents are a safer, better option to improve the lives of refugees today.


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