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Soft, as well as gentle on the skin and made from 100% natural and renewable raw materials.


Multifunctional Fiber

Qmilk offers its wide range of cross-sections and versatilities in apparel, home textiles and technical textiles. The Qmilk fiber can be obtained as a staple fiber and filament.

Silky feel
The Qmilk fiber is one of the protein fibers such as wool and silk because of it’s basis of milk proteins. You can compare the fiber in its touch most likely with silk. Because of its smooth surface it is ideal for sensitive skin and gives the feeling of wearing a touch of silk.

Color brightness
Qmilk takes up color very easily. We can even colorize during our process without additional support material to the fiber.

Moisture absorption
The Qmilk fiber easily absorbs moisture.

Responsible Commitment


The Qmilk fiber is completely biodegradable and thus provides not only in its production, but also in all its life cycle a positive contribution to the environment.

Antibacterial Activity
Qmilk is antibacterial – naturally! We do not use anti-bacterial treatment. Qmilk has got antibacterial effects against E. coli and even Staphyllococcus aureus. The bacteria can not multiply in the Qmilk fiber and thus gives a smoothing freshness throughout the day.
Color brightness

Big Picture

The Qmilch IP GmbH has developed a biopolymer consisting of the milk protein casein. The casein is produced from raw milk which is no longer marketable and that should not be used as food regarding legislation.

Every year 1.9 million tons of milk must be disposed in Germany alone. The milk, which is thrown away is no longer suitable for food consumption, but still contains valuable ingredients and is a very valuable resource which offers great potential for technical purposes. We use a raw material which is obtained unavoidable and has not been used. All around the world exist a lot of milk mountains that can not be recycled.

Our vision is – the revolution of the milk market with unique concepts. We are working to build the first logistics system for the collection of non-food milk so far technically, not marketable milk. Together we can make a difference! Further information can be found on


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