Organic Anti Cockroach Gel

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The AC Gel kills roaches while using only organic compounds.


At Green D.I.Y we practice a sustainable solution to control pest at home, using natural ingredients and reactions from organic compound to achieve a healthy environment and a cleaner home.

By not using any Pesticide or insecticide, but able to control and eliminate pests , especially at home.

Green D.I.Y also practices Eco Green & a low carbon life style to help to safe time as modern life most of the people has less time to take care of their home environment.

In our experiment and test area, pests were deterred for more than 4 months after application of AC Gel.

Responsible Commitment

AC Gel was design with domino effect so that pests that ingest the gel will spread the applicant onto the next generation when the nest consumes the dead body. This effect will last 4-5 generations, spanning across 2-300 roaches in 3-7 days time.

Eco Green AC Gel- effectively Eliminates cockroaches, ants, flies & termites at home or any other premises, Money Back Guaranteed.

AC Gel is Made from Food Grade Ingredients & is Biodegradable. The gel only works on insects , and is not harmful to humans.


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