Dog - Antos Origins Natural Dog Root Che

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Antos's new Origin root chew are a new natural and enriching chew made from the tuber root of a tree.


Origins are sourced from a spanish tree root they are a great ethical alternative to rawhide and antler based chews. First the root is harvested, then air dried for around a year before being cleaned and then cut to size. There weights, shapes and sizes will vary due to the nature of the tuber roots.

Responsible Commitment

We sell Recyclable & Recycled; Vegan & Vegetarian; Biodegradable & Degradable; Non-tested; Non Toxic; Certified Organic & non-GM; High-Welfare; Fairly Traded & Made in the UK, Low Carbon & Sustainable pet products.

We make ethical shopping easy and enjoyable.

We always provide balanced and honest information about the products that we sell.

We want to raise the profile of ethical pet products.

We will always try and provide the best possible customer service.


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