Sukasuka Lake Retreat

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Sukasuka (translated as Lovelove ) Lake Retreat.
Located by the waters of Chenderoh Lake, a village concept that was created with the relocation of some old wooden houses to give guests the village ambiance but without sacrificing their privacy. First we have Pak Long's house followed by Mak Ngah and Tok Ki. Now we are on the way with Anjang's house. Rumah Kutai is ready, and we can now enjoy meal times on the water at Rumah Mak Limah! The village concept at the moment can accommodate a maximum of 22 adults.

Then 15 minutes from the Tanjung, on an island we have 10 basic chalets, each equipped with its own toilet and shower. Electricity is provided by a solar system (go green). A dining area and gazebo for relaxation. Get marooned away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the peace and quiet being one with nature. (This location requires a minimum of 5 pax and can accommodate a maximum of 20 adults).

Responsible Commitment

Enjoy the lake waters by Kayaks or explore the village walking or cycling. Jungle trekking is another option. Experience traditional dressing ,games and food. Plenty of natural herbal plants that you can get to know and realise its benefits.

Powered by solar panel.

Kayaking, boating, trekking, fishing, fish feeding or just having a siesta on the hammock are among the things you can do. You can also arrange a self BBQ package.

Settings of a traditional Malay kampung... We would love to share this with our visitors, to enjoy the ambience of calmness and serenity of the environment. We invite everyone to help respect the local custom and values, and thus keep the place unblemished for our future generations to enjoy! :-)


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