Teaching & Community Work, Perhentian

US$ 435.00

Impact Partners


Voluntour (volunteer & travel) at Perhentian Island in the Teaching & Community project by Ecoteer House.


Meet the locals and help with various projects around the Perhentian village. On Wednesdays, we go to the school for a 2 hour English tutorial for the year 5 & 6 children, on Thursdays will be the Eco-snorkeling club where we teach children the do’s and don’ts while snorkeling and on Friday mornings we teach years 2 to 4 about environmental issues.

Once a week, you take part in kuih making classes which are organized by the Perhentian Island Ladies Association (PILA). Our mornings are usually spent on lesson planning for the school clubs or helping out in community projects such as painting murals, posters etc/ mini construction work. The afternoons are spent teaching at the school, snorkelling, going around the village for composting or organizing a sport activity with the kids. Once a week you will have authentic Malay dinner in one of the villagers house.

Responsible Commitment

Ecoteer House aims to achieve the following:
- Reduce waste through the composting program
- Educate the community about reducing waste by taking part in the composting program
- Educate the children and local boat men about the importance of preserving the marine life through the Eco-snorkeling & environmental clubs and awareness booth held every weekend


30/03/2015, 09:41 AM
Great of Ecoteer to be helping the rural areas of Malaysia...
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