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Blue Earth is a Non-Profit Social Enterprise Dedicated to Providing Dependable, Affordable Utilities to Critical Areas Around the World.


BlueEarth, founded by engineer Tan Tong Kai and former banker turned ecologist Fairul Reeza, to deliver clean water and electricity to remote and under-develop areas around the world. BlueEarth works directly with manufacturers and patent holders around the world to create exclusive, customization and sustainable water and energy systems for every conceivable need, environment or location, enabling end-users access to the latest in technology at its most cost-effective.

We do not take donations but earn our operation funds though contribution from products and services we provide to interested organisations or persons. It is our aim to be able to utilize more than 90% of contribution received to building community projects to deliver these utilities to the people who need it.

Responsible Commitment

Our current works-in-progress include:
• A patented, retrofit hybrid system for an Asian heavy vehicles/commercial fleet, providing 50% in fuel savings and 60% cut in emissions

• An ecologically sustainable, high survivability artificial coral reef for a Pacific Island nation to protect its marine life and fish stock while protecting its coastal areas from rising sea levels and tropical storms

• An atmospheric water generation system for a Central Asian nation, powered by our hybrid solar & wind power system and protected by proprietary vent designs

• A customized hybrid solar & wind power system for a cluster of coastal fishing villages on an island off Indo-China and

• Ecologically conscious, economically viable living building systems that contribute to better human well-being and lower long term health costs incorporated into all the above projects


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