Nippon Paint Momento® Enchancer Series


Impact Partners


Want a unique and beautiful paint job done at home? The Nippon Paint Momento® Enchancer Series leaves a beautiful lasting paint job on any surface.


A special line of semi-transparent paint that
enhances any existing wall colour with a semi-transparent
glaze-over, featuring two unique special effects.

Choose between Frost and Cloud Series, livid and lustrous personality.

Cosy and calm. Rejuvenating and exciting.
The unique textures of Frost bring winter mornings touched with snow, pearl or gold.

Light, dreamy, breezy.
Cloud is a special finish of sophisticated semi-transparent colours with a tinge of pearl of gold.

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Responsible Commitment

Being an industry that actively deals with chemicals, it is essential for us to contribute to the improvement and preservation of the environment.

We do this through our business activities, which include developing high quality environmentally-friendly paint and coating solutions while conserving resources and shrinking the environmental footprint of the company.

At Nippon Paint, we aim to be individually involved in being a responsible corporate citizen. We do this by working together to tackle environmental issues and to create a better environment for our community and future generations.

Our initiatives include:
• Being recognized with the prestigious ISO 14001:2001 Certification.
• Launching our Nippon Paint Green Choice Series which comprises of water-based, no added lead and mercury, and near-zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) paints.
• Employing effective waste management systems.
• Employing recycling programmes to promote sustainability.


05/08/2015, 08:38 AM
Like the colors this company offers and the high eco-friendly standards for this paint.
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