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Kenaf Polymer Composite Panels that can replace normal wood panels - cheaper, durable and eco-friendly


Dayham Panels : Humanizing building products for a better world.

In the latest technology revolution that combines affordability, quality and artistic values, we are presenting Kenaf Polymer Composite (KPC). This is green and we believe our products align with the future of renewable resources.We offer high quality Dayham panels for ceiling and wall paneling at a very affordable price.

We are more than willing to help you to achieve your desired dream homes by providing fresh ideas and concepts of Dayham designing, a new and greener concept.

To ensure that we are the best in the industry and gain confidence amongst our customers, we have pushed ourselves to comply with certification from TUV Singapore, SIRIM and listed in Green Pages Malaysia. We are accredited by Malaysian Green Building Confederation and Green Tech Malaysia. Trust us to deliver you the best products with the highest value for your money and be part of this journey in decorating our life green green.

Responsible Commitment

- Kenaf material has been successfully used in place of wood powder to make Dayham panel profiles and product.

- Kenaf application is an alternative for wood-based application. Since it is a short term fibre crop, no forests will be cut for timber, preventing the degradation of natural resources.

- Dayham panels are superior to Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) in that the former has a longer fiber compared to WPC, giving better strength and rigidity to the products.

- Can be worked like wood using current tools and fastening techniques.

- Resists insects, providing inherently longer life than wood.


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