You Wouldn’t Want To Spill Coffee On These Cardboard Furniture.

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Yes you heard it right. The furniture you are seeing now is made out of cardboard. While it is nothing new, this Madrid-based company aptly named: Cardboard, plans to make sexy, sleek and eco-friendly furniture. It’s selections ranges from tables, shelves and even entire cubicles.

The "Byo" Series

The “Byo” Series

Each of Cardboard’s designs is made of re-board and D-board type cardboard, a¬†tougher and a more resilient type of corrugated cardboard. Should you fancy a personal touch, you can customize designs and patters and it will be digitally printed. Each furniture is assembled after delivery.

I could carry this myself.

I could carry this myself.

While it might not be replacing your common furniture any time soon, but knowing that there is an alternative helps you make better choices. Who knows? If your startup or group is mobile, moving in and out of different spaces will be so much easier (and lighter!) with cardboard.

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[Pictures from Cardboard]


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