You Will Find No Food Packaging in This Supermarket

Bring your own bags

In an effort to reduce the usage of plastic bags at the supermarket, some cities impose a “no plastic bag” day or even outright ban them. This supermarket however took it to the next level.

No Paper, No Plastic.

No Paper, No Plastic.

Original Unverpackt, a supermarket based in Berlin has eliminated all forms of disposable┬ápackaging. That means no paper, no plastic. Nothing. It sells over 350 products ranging from fruits, grains and even liquids like lotions and yogurt that dispenses into refillable containers. Products sold are mostly organic, with mention to the country of origin and avoids notable brands. Because products are dispensed, it gives you the option to measure your purchase so you won’t buy more than what you need.

Dispensed into refilable containers. Take only what you need.

Dispensed into refilable containers. Take only what you need.

Backed up by crowdfunding, this supermarket aims to achieve the impossible and to set the standards of operations when it comes to disposable packaging. Whether it catches on, we won’t know, but it looks like an idea I can get behind.





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