Sustainability is a Dish Served Responsibly


Arthur Potts Dawson has a pretty ambitious goal.

Running a restaurant produces a lot of waste. At the end of the day, food is thrown out every day. Water is being used practically non-stop and a tonne of energy is exhausted to keep everything running.

Arthur Potts Dawson plans to open a chain of restaurant (and one supermarket) that can fully sustain themselves. So far the result if pretty impressive.

Drawing inspiration from the 5 Chinese elements of nature. The Acorn restaurant (represents wood) is built entirely out of sustainable furniture, construction materials and recycled kitchen equipment. Food wasted is being composted in the back, and water if being filtered by tiny pebbles. The Water restaurant (represents water) cools itself using a complex piping system that runs the water from a nearby canal through the restaurant. Removing the need for air conditioning.

His future plans includes building a supermarket fully equipped with recycled equipment and establish a close network between the rural farmers and the community.

Ambitious indeed. But it is a cause worth rooting for.

Watch the full video below:


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