Sustainability. Illustrated.


The concept and philosophy behind sustainability is ever-growing and constantly being defined and redefined. The scope of it pretty much involves the full compass of human activity, being ecological, economical, social, environmental and the list goes on. While we do our best it is also that future generations are educated and informed about our efforts and how can they help too.

Alexandre Magnin, an artist and illustrator has found a way to make this more engaging. Using his knowledge he has accumulated over the years as a sustainability consultant, he uses the power of drawings to communicate his messages to help people understand and learn more efficiently. His website, Sustainability Illustrated is the result of that.

With over 80-95 visual media for reference, this is a quick point of reference if you are beginning to learn more about this subject matter. He covers as many aspect from creating awareness to popular concepts and even from business perspectives.

Best of all? He is doing this for anyone to share.


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